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Set Sail With The Windward Horizon Trailer

When you think of sailing games, thoughts usually drift towards epic pirate adventures or giant naval battles. The truth of the matter, however, is that most seafaring was done in the name of trade, bartering and building new settlements in foreign lands. Windward, released in 2015, attempted to capture this facet of sailing by having the player travelling between small settlements and cities, helping them grow and gain wealth for their troubles! Now, the sequel, Windward Horizon, is set to one-up its predecessor.

Among the new features are fully configurable internal ship layouts, new lore, a robust economy system, and a bunch of new skills added to the existing tree, enabling many exciting new builds! If you own the first game, you're in for a treat, as you will be able to try out the sequel for free during May in advance of the game's launch later this year!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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