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Shiness KickStarter Concludes at $40,000 Past Funding Goal

Shiness KickStarter Concludes at $40,000 Past Funding Goal

In 30 days and with 3,028 backers the chaps at Yniss Interactive have reason to celebrate as their latest KickStarter project, the Franco-RPG Shiness has exceeded its funding total by just shy of $40,000. Having reached its original goal over a week ago the extra $40,000 will go towards stretch goals including Spanish and Italian language options and a local multiplayer VS mode. Although the funding goal of $140,000 to secure development on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hasn't been reached, we think that the developers could make up the extra $135 by looking down the back of their sofas and maybe cutting a swivel chair from the budget.

Shiness, which as well as being successfully funded was greenlit for Steam in mid May, is the second succesfull project by Ynniss Interactive who have previously worked on the Mysterious Cities of Gold videogame that was released on the WiiU and iOS.

The game, which merges classic JRPG adventure action with a beam 'em up inspired combat system is due for release in one year's time and judging by trailers and promotional material is well underway. Stay with GameGrin for more news regarding the game's development and release.

Jonathan Durham

Jonathan Durham

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With a backlog that would bury a man, Jonathan writes about games to ward off the thought he might, one day, suffer that very fate.

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