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Shortest Trip To Earth Space Sim Launching in August

Developers Interactive Fate and indie publisher Iceberg Interactive announced today that their space sim game Shortest Trip To Earth will be officially released on 15th August 2019. For some time now, Shortest Trip To Earth has been on the Steam Early Access but after five years will finally have a full release. The launch trailer showcases not only current gameplay but also features the final sectors, brand new ships, weapons and enemies.

"The new easier game mode and features like crafting should make the game more enjoyable to players who prefer a less stressful experience," says Edvin Aedma, lead developer and CEO of Interactive Fate.

Shortest Trip To Earth is currently available on Steam Early Access and will be available on the Steam Store as a full release on 15th August 2019. 

Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

Staff Writer

Will do his very best to not avoid team killing everyone.

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