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SimCity 2000 is On The House

SimCity 2000 is On The House

As with the previous On The House offering, you can get SimCity 2000 Special Edition for free, for a "limited time" only.

SimCity 2000 has been released on nine different platforms, including DOS, Amiga, SNES and Game Boy Advance. It was originally on Mac when it came out in 1994, but spent the better part of a decade being ported to almost everything - or at least the 1995 Special Edition version did.

The object of the game is to create a fully sufficient city, from the power plants to hospitals and houses, by zoning out districts for the Sims to populate. Create taxes, make laws and keep the population happy and working. Then destroy it all with UFO attacks, earthquakes or giant kaiju. Though that may be entirely optional...

And just by heading over here and loading up Origin, you can grab your very own copy of SimCity 2000 Special Edition, to keep for free.

However, if you're in France you will instead get a copy of the French-language version of Dead Space. The international version was part of On The House back in March, but as there is no French-language version of SimCity 2000, this is being given as an alternative.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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