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SingStar Celebration out on 24th October on PlayStation 4

SingStar Celebration out on 24th October on PlayStation 4

On 24th October you will be able to unleash your inner popstrel as SingStar returns in the form of SingStar Celebration

With 30 classics from the best of popular music the title is coming to PlayLink, so on the 24th you will be able to grab a bunch of mates, compatible smartphones, and recreate the best and worst of bad student nights in the local.

The track list has all the makings of an astonishingly good night with the likes of Oasis, Abba, Britney Spears, Roxette and Wham!

As part of the PlayLink range, you’ll be able to turn your compatible smartphone into a personal, pocket-sized microphone! The SingStar Mic is a free app for Android and iOS which will be available to download the same day the game releases.

Add to that the news that you will be able to use the PlayStation camera to upload video and images to Twitter and Facebook and no one will be safe from your atonal warbling.

Get ready to burst eardrums with the Singstar Celebration Spotify playlist right now and may God have mercy on your vocal cords come the 24th of October. 

Christian Wootton

Christian Wootton

Staff Writer

Vendor of anecdotes and drinker of coffee "Mr Woot" currently resides in the South West. He tends towards the sesquipedalian.

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