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Skater XL Multiplayer Mode Launches in Open Beta Through Steam

Skateboarding simulator Skater XL has begun taking strides towards capturing the social and collaborative elements of the sport with a 10-player multiplayer mode. The mode is currently available exclusively through the opt-in open beta branch of the game on Steam. This non-final version of the mode is intended to stress-test the online infrastructure and servers, as well as give players a chance to provide feedback prior to the full launch.

The only multiplayer mode available to players right now is Free Skate, although more are expected to launch as the game moves towards its vision of a skating "social ecosystem". This vision will also see multiplayer functionality reaching PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in an update set to release "soon".

Multiplayer Free Skate is open for up to 10 players in private or public rooms, with shared replay editor functionality. 

The multiplayer Free Skate mode is available now in the Skater XL open beta through Steam.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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