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Sky Fortress Now Available for Just Cause 3

The explosions are about to get bigger with the arrival of the Sky Fortress pack available for Just Cause 3. Part of the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass, owners will be able to take on a set of brand new missions, fly around in the new Bavarium wingsuit, complete new challenges and more. 

Sky Fortress introduces a new threat to the Just Cause world, the eDEN Corporation. They arrive with a swarm of deadly robotic drones in their massive Sky Fortress. It is up to Rico Rodriguez to use new weapons and a brand new upgradable, rocket-powered, machine gun equipped Bavarium wingsuit to take down the new threat.

The content is available now for all expansion pass owners, but everyone can purchase separately for £9.49 on the 15th March. The Air, Land and Sea Expansion pass is available for £19.99 - which grants access to all the content packs upon their arrival throughout 2016.

Go your first look at the Sky Fortress content and new wingsuit in action in the above trailer. 


Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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