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SMITE 2 Founder's Editions and Their Differences

SMITE 2 Founder's Editions and Their Differences

We're drawing nearer to the first stages of SMITE 2's lifespan, with the upcoming betas already coming soon. Though we don't have a lot of new information regarding when you'll be able to get hands-on with the sequel to the Battleground of the Gods, Titan Forge Games has released a bit of information regarding the editions you'll be able to support the game with, with varying price points we'll highlight later down the line. 

The first thing we'd like to highlight is none other than the pre-order bonus, where if you buy the game during its Closed Alpha period, you'll get access to the Cacodemon Ymir skin. Though you'll mostly recognise this specific type of demonic entity from the DOOM series (and Ymir looks a surprising amount like that cacodemon), it has mythological roots, making it a no-brainer for this themed MOBA experience! Pre-ordering any of the three editions will net you this skin permanently, giving you access to show off our support for the game even before it was fully released. It's worth noting that this skin will be available for purchase individually in the future.

Once the Founder's editions are released, you'll be able to make a selection from three different editions: the Founder's Pack, the Founder's Pack Deluxe Edition, and the Founder's Pack Ultimate Edition (massive missed opportunity to call it Godlike Edition or Mythological Edition, but I digress). The prices range from $29.99 to a whopping $99.99, though you'll find incrementally superior rewards the higher version you decide to support SMITE 2 with.

The first Founder's Edition gives you access to the full game, all of the SMITE 2 gods forever (much like the Ultimate God Pass from SMITE), a Founder's Edition title and avatar, and — perhaps most enticing — double Legacy Gems. If you don't know what purpose Legacy Gems will serve in the upcoming sequel, make sure you check out our article talking about everything that we know about SMITE 2 right here! This edition is the entry price point, costing $29.99.

Now, the Founder's Edition Deluxe needs a bit more introduction. Aside from getting all of the things from the standard Founder's Edition, you'll also be able to get the cross-gen Nightstalker Neith (cross-gen, meaning you can use the skin on SMITE immediately) and 11 ascension passes for the first 11 gods during Alpha. Confused about what an ascension pass is on SMITE 2? Us, too! The Ascension Pass is a reward track that allows you to get cosmetics for individual gods, like a battle pass for each of the characters, unlocking cosmetics and more things centred around them past the free rewards (which we expect to be the Mastery skins up to Diamond). To get the Deluxe edition, it'll cost you $59.99!

And finally, if you want to buy the prestigious Founder's Edition Ultimate, you'l get everything mentioned previously alongside a unique Ultimate Edition badge and title, a Tier 5 cross-gen The Fallen Zeus skin, and 23 total Ascension Passes for the gods during Alpha, giving you access to even more cosmetic rewards for free. The entry price for this edition, however, is as large as the amount of awards you get themselves, as it'll cost you a total of $99.99.

It's worth noting that there's a caveat with your purchase and acquiring the full game version — you will only have access to that within the console you purchased it for. Since you can buy this on Steam, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation, and Xbox, you'll want to pick your preferred console to get immediate access to the title, as it'll be locked to that.

You're now an expert on all things SMITE 2 and its Founder's Editions! Let us know in the comments which one — if any — you'll be purchasing.

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