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Sons Of The Forest Now Available in Early Access

From publisher Newnight and developer Endnight Games comes Sons Of The Forest — the sequel to 2018’s The Forest. Originally, the game was meant to have a full release on the 23rd of February 2023, however rather than delaying the title, Endnight Games opted to release the game in an early access state. Despite this change, Sons Of The Forest has been sitting very high on Steam's most wishlist page for some time. Upon the arrival of early access, gamers overwhelmingly flocked to the Steam store page to purchase their copy.

Steam soon began to experience errors in processing transactions with regards to Endnight Games latest entry. Many customers took to Reddit and Twitter to express their frustrations; and share images of the odd errors they were receiving.




While Steam is typically a reliable service, this marks the second major screw up to occur on the platform in so many days. During the early access period for Hogwarts Legacy, PC players who had purchased the Deluxe Edition, were not able to download it through Steam if they had bought the digital codes from third-party vendors such as Fanatical.

I certainly hope going forward Steam intends to clean up its act, highly anticipated releases are not something you want to be messing up. So far, Sons Of The Forest is rated “Very Positive” by users who have had a chance to play it. It seems regardless of its early access state, the game is getting a good reception from the community.

Jase Taylor

Jase Taylor

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