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Sony Announces 'State of Play' Stream Dedicated to The Last of Us Part II

Sony Announces 'State of Play' Stream Dedicated to The Last of Us Part II

A post on the PlayStation Blog has confirmed a surprise 'State of Play' stream for tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th May at 9PM BST. The 25-minute long stream will be entirely devoted to Naughty Dog's upcoming sequel, The Last of Us Part II. Featuring Neil Druckmann, creative lead at Naughty Dog, the overview will explore the "gameplay, threats and world" of The Last of Us Part II before capping off with a "never-before-seen extended gameplay sequence".

With the game's release only a few weeks out (19th June), it's to be expected that a clear impression of what the moment-to-moment gameplay consists of should emerge. Naughty Dog specialises in cinematic gaming experiences and many are expecting this title to be the studio's most intense and finely-crafted one to-date.

Despite detailed plot spoilers leaking online and COVID-19 lockdown complications causing unexpected delays, it's important that Sony still shows full support for The Last of Us Part II. If anything, a 'safe space' for players to preview the game without fear of spoilers is exactly what the gaming public needs right now.

The Last of Us Part II releases 19th June exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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Jamie Davies

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