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Sony Offer H1Z1 Refunds Delboy Style

Sony Offer H1Z1 Refunds Delboy Style

Sony Online Entertainment have done something surprising. They've listened to their players.

Hot on the heels of news of release as part of Steam Early Access, the company has had a couple of issues with H1Z1: Just Survive.

As summarised by John "Lizard Squad messed with my plane" Smedley on reddit, some people disliked the fact that some of the purchasable air drops as well as dropping cosmetic fluff, zombies and the like also dropped guns. Now a lot of the players and indeed SoE themselves, had stated that they thought this was tantamount to pay-to-win mechanics and it has resulted in the typical reddit firestorm.

Good guy Sony have had a think and now have a solution.

If you feel like the airdrops are an issue for you, you may immediately request a refund to bwilcox@soe.sony.com - this offer applies till Monday and it applies only to people that have purchased the game as of 10:30am Pacific today 1/16/2015 -

John Smedley, President of SOE.

Now as one redditor has pointed out in a very handy timeline of events, Sony didn't have to do this, and even better, they are doing it on a no questions asked basis.

Refunds are via Sony, not via Steam, so anyone who wants one will have to learn that most impossible of internet skills... patience while they sort it all out.

Chris Wootton

Chris Wootton

Staff Writer

Vendor of anecdotes and drinker of coffee "Mr Woot" currently resides in the South West. He tends towards the sesquipedalian.

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Acelister - 08:31pm, 16th January 2015

It's quite cheeky to offer off-the-books refunds, isn't it? This way they avoid a buttload of "Not as advertised" flags going up on Steam.

Mister Woot
Mister Woot - 08:44pm, 16th January 2015 Author

It's all a bit "tell you what, I'll do ya a deal". I keep expecting to see photos of Smedley with a hairy chest, Freddie Mercury moustache and a gold medalion. Wearing a 1970s era brown leather jacket.

Mister Woot
Mister Woot - 02:06pm, 17th January 2015 Author

According to John Smedley on Twitter this morning... "0.5% of the people that have bought are taking us up on the refund." https://twitter.com/j_smedley/status/556248888588238848