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Soon-to-release Demolition Derby game Wreckfest Showcases Destruction in New Trailer

Wreckfest is a fairly average gaming idea carried by some serious technology, and it isn't afraid to show it off.

It has a simple premise: you, the player, are a racecar driver in the highly-destructive world of Demolition Derby driving. You'll partake in races and battles of last-car-moving. While that may not sound too enthralling to some people, the experience is cranked up to ten by next-level destruction tech. Cars bend, break, lose pieces, and play differently depending on what kind, and how much, damage they have maintained. This realistic damage and physics simulation software has been in the works for several years, and is finally being used in a full-fledged game.

Fans of arcade racing and highly-detailed destruction and play in PC can get the game right now at a lower price, until June 14th, when it leaves Early Access and enters full release. Console players will have to wait until November 20th to get there hands on the game.

Caleb Ransbury

Caleb Ransbury

News Writer

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