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Star Trek Online's 'First Contact Day' Event is Here

Star Trek's in-universe 'First Contact Day' takes place on 5th April, celebrating the day that humans first interacted with Vulcans. To commemorate this in Star Trek Online, developer Cryptic Studios runs a yearly First Contact Day event. This year is no different: from 2nd - 23rd April on PC and Xbox One; and 9th - 30th April on PlayStation 4, players will fight through a new patrol mission and build a replica 'Phoenix' rocket—all in service of acquiring a powerful Temporal Vortex Probe.

In the all-new patrol, players must team up with Seven-of-Nine to thwart the Borg in their attempts to alter history. By preventing humans and Vulcans from meeting, the Borg plan to 'nip humanity in the bud' so to speak—sort of a Terminator kind of situation.

STO FirstContactDay Screenshot 01 SevenOfNine

The primary reward for participating in the patrol and building a replica rocket (which players can fly and compete to reach the highest altitude) is the Temporal Vortex Lobe. This is a device that can effortlessly debilitate enemy ships in a local area.

The First Contact Day event for Star Trek Online takes place from 2nd - 23rd April on PC and Xbox One; and 9th - 30th April on PlayStation 4. For more information, click here.

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Jamie Davies

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