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Starbase Announce Early Access Launch

First announced in June 2019, the massively multiplayer space game Starbase finally has a release date for Early Access.

What's more, they released the above trailer showing off capital ships.

The Early Access release date for Starbase is now set in stars as June 17th, 2021! We're also really excited to introduce an amazing new feature to the game, the Capital Ships. These massive, station-sized ships enable thrilling new gameplay both for solo players and bigger groups and factions, and we cannot wait for the players to experience that! Stay tuned, save the date and see you in June!

Lauri Hyvärinen, Frozenbyte CEO and Game Designer

Capital ships are clearly something to shoot for the stars, as they are capable of carrying all of your friends, and all of their friends too. However, that's not all that they released, as they put out this development roadmap:

Starbase roadmap 2021

Click to enlarge

Starbase is coming to Early Access on 17th June 2021.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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