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Starbound Patch Has Hit - Last Wipes Completed

Starbound Patch Has Hit - Last Wipes Completed

Starbound has been patched. You can find the full patch notes here or on the launch screen. The biggest news of this patch is of course the wipes. One of the joys of playing an alpha is that huge changes may need to be made resulting in such drastic things as full wipes of all your progress. Players will be glad to know that we have been promised that these should be the last wipes done.

 Absolutely massive changes to disk serialization (sorry reversers), which will allow us to never need to wipe players or ships again, and hopefully never need to wipe worlds again.

- Starbound Patch Notes

There are also a whole bunch of fixes to graphic glitches, memory leaks and various other bugs. These changes should improve game-play and player experience.

Some fun changes have been made as well including the following:

New Monster attacks (gravity slam! gust attacks! other stuff!)

Fixed Legendary Weapons damage (adjusted up to be more… well… Legendary.)

Viking helmet?  Viking helmet.

- Starbound Patch Notes

The patch notes end with what may be the best patch note ever seen.

Lots more secret stuff! :OOO

- Starbound Patch Notes

In summary it looks like there is a lot to explore. Enjoy.

Helen Ashcroft

Helen Ashcroft

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