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Starbound Patch Released

Starbound Patch Released

The latest Starbound patch, dubbed the v. Enraged Koala patch, is now live. This update will allow the developers to add new biomes and change the worlds without any of those pesky wipes.  It has been stated that there will likely be one more world wipe but this will not include a character or ship wipe and you will be able to back up your worlds beforehand.

The new patching system, launching with this update, should mean content updates will come quicker in future. Players have been told to expect frequent minor updates.

Goodies included in this latest patch are:

Valentine’s Day items including swords, costumes, decorations, bow, etc

New Death Animations

More Avian Weaponry

You can also expect to find some server stability issues fixed, some bugs fixed, some changes to projectiles and a new microphone instrument. Below is a video released just to showcase the sounds of Smooth McGroove on the new mic.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Helen Ashcroft

Helen Ashcroft

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