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Starcraft Medic Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Starcraft Medic Coming to Heroes of the Storm

In the Q&A session at Gamescom with Blizzard Entertainment about their two recent free-to-play game offerings, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, the developers revealed that a new unit, the medic from Starcraft would be coming to Heroes of the Storm.

MedivacDropship SC2 Head2The medic will be a powerful support, offering a very powerful single target healing. It's also able to throw grenades to disrupt enemies and use its shield to help others. The developers, through introducing more supports, want to beef up the roster with the double ban system in place for tournaments.

medic 1

medic 6In addition, the medivac from Starcraft II will be joining the fray as a Heroic for the medic. The medivac is a very team-oriented ability and can be summoned to move around the battlefield quickly, though that means that the medic would be giving up its Heroic ability for this mobility, a huge trade-off considering that Heroics are usually very powerful game-changing abilities.

MedivacDropship SC2 Game2

medic 4The teammates can hop onto the medivac as well and comes with a timer to take-off (and you get this cool-looking HUD border). It allows players to fast travel across the map to another location, and could potentially see uses in jumping between camps, objectives and bosses.

medic 5There's no word yet on when the medic is going to debut on Heroes of the Storm, but going by the list of planned heroes, there's quite a few before her (Kharazim the Monk, Rexxar and Misha, Artanis).

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