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Starpoint Gemini 3 Hits With Another Update

Starpoint Gemini 3 Hits With Another Update

Another update is here for Early Access title Starpoint Gemini 3. In addition to expanding the game's sandbox and ship customisation features, a host of other fixes, tweaks and changes come packed in too. Check out the full change log by clicking below.


Developed by Little Green Men Games, Starpoint Gemini 3 presents a vast open galaxy where players, in their endlessly customisable spaceships, can explore, mine, trade, fight and more. Presenting a diverse range of characters to interact with, quests to complete and factions to help (or hinder), Starpoint Gemini 3 is one to watch as it develops from Early Access.

Starpoint Gemini 3 is out now on Steam Early access for £19.49. Currently, however, it's on sale until 18th May for £13.05. If you're interested in supporting the game's development, now is an opportune time to pick it up.

Read the full patch notes
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Jamie Davies

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