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Start Your Fixing Journey Soon in Fix It - The Handyman Simulator with Official Release Date Trailer

The newest title to join a slew of simulators will be releasing soon, as Fix It - The Handyman Simulator has an official release date, announced on a brand-new trailer! Get ready to start your business.

Developed by VIS Games and published by Aerosoft GmbH, Fix It - The Handyman Simulator will have you running your own fixer business hands-on, including a slew of tasks that'll take you from electrical work to gardening and much more! Using the money you earn, you'll be able to expand your business by investing in a vehicle, locations, and design options so that you may head out to the open-world map and find new job opportunities!

In the latest press release, the team shares the official release date for the experience alongside a brief gameplay trailer showing all sorts of jobs you'll be able to undertake. A spokesperson for Aerosoft had this to say in the press release.

"We are pleased to finally reveal the release date for Fix It - The Handyman Simulator, we truly hope our game will resonate with players who enjoy simulation games and are searching for something refreshing and engaging. We can't wait for June 4th, we're looking forward to seeing how well tradespeople everywhere will do when they open their businesses!" 

You can expect Fix It - The Handyman Simulator to release on the 4th of June 2024, though you can head to the Steam store page and wishlist it directly in order to be notified of its release!

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Artura Dawn

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