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Start Your Legend with the Legends of Crusader Kings III Trailer!

Crusader Kings III gives its players the daunting task of becoming a ruler in the Middle Ages, around the times of the titular Crusades. While history buffs will naturally know every face, power, and motive, us mortals may struggle in picking a ruler to play with, let alone creating one from scratch. This is where Legends of Crusader Kings III comes in with the keys for success!

In this initiative, five distinct characters from history have been picked for players to choose from. Each ruler has details on their history, their strengths, possible improvement paths, and some general ideas on goals to set for yourself. In addition to the five chosen figureheads, Legends also provides useful tips and tricks for creating your very own custom leader!

The five options are as follows:

  • The diplomatic Petty King Murchad of Munster.
  • The martially gifted Duke Robert of Apulia.
  • The learned Duchess Matilda of Tuscany.
  • The stewardly Duke Vratislav of Bohemia.
  • The practised in intrigue Emir Yahya of Toledo.

Fear not, experienced player! Though this initiative is mainly meant to help newcomers get started, the update also features a complete overhaul of the five rulers!

The Legends of Crusader Kings III free update is set to release during May 2024.

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Martin Heath

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