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Steam VR Fest is Coming Back Soon!

You may have already heard the news, but VR aficionados will have the opportunity to check out the newest Steam VR Fest, which is coming soon! This celebration of virtual reality will give you a slew of discounts, demos, and more, and it's coming even sooner than you might think!

The trailer released on the official Steam YouTube channel and was advertised via the Steam News Hub, where you'll be able to see all types of titles that might be featured! The one-minute trailer teases 14 different titles that you might be able to enjoy, and we're hoping that many of these will have demos and discounts to enjoy.

From Among Us to Gorilla Tag and even the experimental BONELAB, there are a total of 14 games that were showcased on the Steam VR Fest, though we can't guarantee that all of these will have anything from discounts to demos. These were the titles shown off in the trailer:

Gorilla Tag Steam VR Fest Official Trailer


If you want to check out the announcement trailer, watch it embedded above this news piece! Start your Steam VR Fest excitement right away!

Look forward to the upcoming release of the Steam VR Fest coming this Monday. You'll be able to start from the 4th of December 2023 to the 11th of December 2023, giving you an entire week of virtual reality goodness.

Once the festivities have started with Steam VR Fest, you can partake by going to the VR section of the Steam browser or client, or you can use our link here for ease of access because we know browsing the Steam store can be difficult. If 

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