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Stolen Realm Trailer

Stolen Realm just received a new update, but before we jump into that, let's explain what the game is about for those that may not know it yet.

Stolen Realm is an Early Access turn-based tactics party-based RPG game where players will lead up to six heroes alone or co-op with up to five others through a procedurally generated adventure.

The update is a major content one that overhauls the crafting and profession systems and adds quality of life changes. The developers have added the following two big additions:

Crafting system: now players can infuse their weapons with new powers through the materials they find when gathering resources, such as fishing, mining, and gathering. This system will be running on prefix and suffix modifiers. Aside from that, players can also craft Potions at the consumable shops with those same materials.

Two new professions have been added: Fishing and Gathering. As their name implies, players will gather and fish through minigames and get materials they can then use to create previously mentioned the Potions or upgrade their gear.

Check out the video above for a deeper look at the update, and if you're excited to play already, Stolen Realm is available in Early Access.

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Violet Plata

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