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STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town Expansion Pass Content Revealed

The post-launch DLC for STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town will be rolled out in five parts and bundled into an Expansion Pass, publisher XSEED has announced. While the DLC itself will release in the months following the game's release, the Expansion Pass will be available to purchase alongside the game when it launches for the Switch on the 23rd March. Buying the Expansion Pass will also entitle players to a selection of in-game costumes from earlier STORY OF SEASONS titles.


The Details

Part 1 - Releasing April 2021

This introduces the "Olive Town Mystery Files", a sub-scenario in which players join Mikey and Cindy in rooting out the source of mysterious occurrences popping up all over town. This DLC pack also comes with a range of "Animal Attire" outfits.

Part 2 - Releasing May 2021

Explore a brand-new area known as Windswept Falls. This refreshing area is home to four characters from an earlier 3DS entry, two of whom are potential marriage candidates.

Part 3 - Releasing June 2021

Another new area in this DLC pack, Terracotta Oasis. Just like Windswept Falls, this area is home to four characters from a 3DS entry, including two marriage candidates. Also in this pack is the "School Uniforms" costume pack.

Part 4 - Releasing July 2021

Help the Earth Sprite Village revive its legendary celebration in the "Legendary Sprite Dance" sub-scenario. This pack also comes with the "Yukata" costume pack.

Part 5 - Releasing August 2021

Visit Twilight Isle, another new area home to—you guessed it—four characters from an earlier 3DS entry, two of whom are marriage candidates.

Expect specific release dates and details as we approach the launch of each DLC pack.

STORY OF SEASONSPioneers of Olive Town and the accompanying Expansion Pass release for the Switch on the 23rd March.

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Jamie Davies

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