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Studio Wildcard Launches ARK: Survival Evolved Summer Bash 2019

ARK: Survival Evolved is getting a new summer event that begins today called Summer Bash 2019. It’s a two-week event where players can customize their characters and dinos in “sizzlin’ summer styles” as well as some 4th of July content for the upcoming holiday.

During this event, players can essentially gain everything twice as fast. Dinos with breed faster, harvesting will be doubled and experience will be gain two times as fast. There is also seasonal candy as part of this event that can change the color of your dinos skin along with “summer game cosmetics” such as a new Sparkler Skin, Fireworks Flare Gun Skin, RPG Firework Rocket Skin, Summer Swimsuits and more.

The Summer Bash in ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Richard Shivdarsan

Richard Shivdarsan

Staff Writer

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