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Super Meat Boy Is Being Ported To Wii U By BlitWorks

Super Meat Boy Is Being Ported To Wii U By BlitWorks

In October 2010, a small indie development studio Team Meat released Super Meat Boy on the Xbox 360 and on the PC in November. The game would receive many awards and accolades from both press and general gaming community. It would later be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The creator of Super Meat Boy announced today that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Wii U.

Super Meat Boy designer Tommy Refenes announced earlier today that the acclaimed independent video game will be released on the Nintendo Wii U soon.

Blitworks which specializes in game porting will be in charge of bringing Super Meat Boy to the Wii U. The studio recently ported the game to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. If Mr. Refenes promise holds it should be seeing the release within the next couple of months, though no definite date was set.

Whether the port to the Wii U will have the original soundtrack is still up in the air, or whether it will suffer the same fate as the port to the PS4 or PS Vita of licensing issues.

Wade D Hinkle

Wade D Hinkle

Staff Writer

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