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Switch's Tied Together Looks Like A Frustratingly Funny Time

This new co-op platformer looks to test friendships, as players are literally bound together by chains and tasked with completing creative challenges.

From developers Headup Games and Napalmtree, Tied Togehter is a colourful platformer that forces players to work together to solve dozens of cooperative, platforming puzzles.

Up to four players are tied together (see what they did there!) by a chain and must cooperate through various obstacles such as balance passages and deadly surfaces like spikes or lava.

Teams of players will have to coordinate their movements, jumps and cling to the ground and walls in order to complete the levels and stay alive. The developers promise a frustratingly funny time though warn players that their friendships may not survive.

Tied Together will feature over 40 levels in its Duo Mode and over 20 in Party Mode, which is designed for three to four players. You can earn gold, silver and bronze rankings by finishing levels as fast as possible.

Tied Together currently has no release date but keep an eye out for it soon and check out the gameplay trailer above.

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