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Take Shots at Giant Girls in Gun Gun Pixies

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to travel to an alien planet and take a shot at their women. Except, you're the aliens and the planet is Earth.

Gun Gun Pixies is a mix between a third person shooter and 3D platformer, which will see you sneaking around a college dorm, hiding behind furniture and lining up the perfect shot to pacify the girls who live there. There are large coins to collect, and completing missions will unlock new weapons, lingerie, gadgets and costumes. 

Although there's no firm release date, there has been a Day One Edition announced, which will include the game and an artbook.

Gun Gun Pixies is coming to the Switch in 2019.


Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


Guaranteed to know more about Transformers and Deadpool than any other staff member.

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Mason - 12:15am, 14th January 2020