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Tense Co-op Horror Sanguivore: Twenty Below Unveiled With Debut Trailer!

Those of you looking for your next scare are in luck, as developer Blood Eater Games and publisher Forthright Entertainment have revealed their latest title: Sanguivore: Twenty Below, is entering Steam Early Access on 1st December!

Enter a world in which fiendish ghouls stalk your every move, waiting to feast on your flesh. Fear not, as you won't be alone! Work together with up to four friends (or alone, if you're brave enough) in order to escape this terrifying "puzzle complex", where you'll need to navigate a series of areas that range from a single room to an entire town.

Stay alert as you try to solve the mind-bending puzzles, though, as the horrific Sanguivore are around every corner waiting to strike! With multiple escape routes for each level and a progression system that unlocks new perks and survival skills as you play, make sure no one is left behind to fall victim to these bloodthirsty enemies!

Sanguivore: Twenty Below will be releasing into Steam Early Access on the 1st December, 2023, with a full release planned for 2024. Will you survive? Or are you likely to be a monster's midnight snack?

Mike Crewe

Mike Crewe

Staff Writer

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Andy Wallace
Andy Wallace - 11:46am, 3rd November 2023

Super excited for this one.