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The Cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks Comes to Star Trek Online

The Cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks Comes to Star Trek Online

In celebration of the release of animated comedy, Star Trek: Lower Decks, on CBS All Access, Star Trek Online is including four of the show's main characters as Special Duty officers in-game. 

You're more than familiar with the adventures of Starfleet's top captains and their crews—Kirk, Picard, Archer, Janeway and the rest—but what about the less pivotal Starfleet crews? What do they get up to when the 'real action' is happening elsewhere? That's the premise of Star Trek: Lower Decks, the animated Star Trek spinoff from CBS. 

As Duty Officers, the four characters can be sent on off-screen missions known as Assignments, ordered to enhance ground operations, build ship components and more.

Additionally, Star Trek Online's yearly summer event has begun. Lasting until 3rd September, the event will add a slew of new content to the game. Read more about it on the game's official blog.

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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