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The Cycle: Frontier Release Date Trailer

YAGER, the independent studio behind the adrenaline-inducing PvPvE game The Cycle: Frontier have announced an official release date for the game’s first season. After a successful closed beta period attracting nearly one million unique players, YAGER have given us a release date map for the games infancy.

The Cycle: Frontier will begin its pre-season event on 8th June 2022, commencing a period in which players will have two weeks to settle in and make a name for themselves among the unforgiving world of Fortuna III. During this period, cosmetic starter packs will be available at a 25% discounted price. Once this pre-season event has concluded, the first official season will begin on 22nd June 2022, marking the first season of the Fortuna Pass, The Cycle’s unique season pass.

The Cycle: Frontier will be available on 8th June 2022 for Windows.

Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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