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The Guardians of the Globe Arrive in New Fall Guys Update

The Guardians of the Globe Arrive in New Fall Guys Update

A new set of cosmetics based on the hit Image Comics series and the Amazon Prime Video adaptation, Invincible, have been released for Fall Guys. Lining up with Invincible's 20th Anniversary, the outfits are available from now until the 10th of January.

Players will be able to dress up as some of the Guardians of the Globe with cosmetics based on the titular hero, Invincible, complete with goggles, wavy hair, and yellow and blue spandex, one based on Omni-Man, with red and white gear, and a glare that would strike fear in the hearts of opponents, as well as an Atom Eve costume with pink spandex and glowing hands. The Omni-Man Pattern is also available, allowing you to swap its colour scheme with one of your choice from your inventory. 

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As well as the above cosmetics, players can also acquire nicknames and nameplates for their Fall Guys profile inspired by both the original comics and the show.

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Pezh J.

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