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The Mirror Universe Invades Star Trek Online in Reflections

The latest update has arrived for Star Trek Online, on PC, and it's bringing the Mirror Universe back.

Titled Reflections, it sees the return of Admiral Leeta (voiced by Chase Masterson) as a new multi-part story arc begins. But she isn't the enemy, bringing warnings of a coming threat to the Prime Universe...

Taking part in the Reflections Special Event, you can earn the T6 Mirror Gagarin-class Miracle Worker Battlecruiser. Just play one of the featured episodes or Task Force Operations on 20 days to get it!

To celebrate the launch, Fanatical are doing a bundle with profits being donated to the non-profit organisation Boys & Girls Clubs of America. You can grab it until 5th of October, and it will get your a couple of ships, a pet and some items. Head over here to grab it.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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