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The Newest DLC for Way of the Hunter is Coming Soon

The Newest DLC for Way of the Hunter is Coming Soon

Way Of The Hunter has taken us to many locales in its DLC, ranging from the cold grasslands of Alaska in Aurora Shores to the temperate deserts Africa in Tikamoon Plains. Each of these locations have been bursting with new locations to find, new stories to tell, and animals to hunt. Luckily it seems the latest addition to the mix is no different!

In the newest DLC, Matariki Park, hunters will be able to explore the magical lands of New Zealand! Ranging from cascading waterfalls to tranquil beaches, you'll get to traverse hilly and mountainous tracking such beasts as the Himalayan tahr, Samber deer or even the majestic Red deer. So get that deer caller, watch out for feral pigs, and let's get hunting!

The Matariki Park DLC for Way of the Hunter is set to release 6th February, 2024

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Martin Heath

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