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The Path of Motus Releases This Month

Words can be cruel things, and The Path of Motus is taking this idea and running with it - in a sideways fashion, at least.

You will play as Motus, a goblin who is attempting to save a trapped village from harsh language and bullying, by building a series of bridges through the forest. The odds are against the success of this task, however, as no one has returned who has attempted this before. In your way you will find other "mean" goblins, hurling insults your way.

No need for any weapons here, as you can throw back your own kind words to vanquish the enemies. If only harsh words could be thrown at Susan in accounts tomorrow morning to vanquish her.

Game designer Michael Hicks had this to say about his ideas:

"Playing as Motus requires you to have resilience, and lets players explore the deeper reasons for why people resort to aggression. When I was younger, I was interested in what made bullies act so aggressive. As time went on I began to befriend some of them, and learned they had either been bullied themselves earlier in life, had really bad family lives, or were just simply jealous of other people; I kept all of this in mind as I designed the game."

Hicks has been working on a YouTube channel alongside the development of Motus, which is now in its third year. In it, he has been creating free guides on how to develop games for beginners. You can check out his channel here.

The Path of Motus launches on 17th July on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the latest trailer above to get you in the mood.

James Martin

James Martin

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