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The Settlers History Collection Released

Ubisoft's cherished series The Settlers is getting a major release as of right now! The series' History Collection is currently available for PC specifically on Uplay, Ubisoft's online platform for games and additional content. If you've been wanting to revisit this great series, or if this is the first time you've heard of it and want to check it out, now is a great time.

This game series, dating back to 1993, is both literal and virtual history. From developer Blue Byte, later bought by Ubisoft, and creator Volker Wertich, enter the strenuous world of a settler in various different settings. The first title, The Settlers, was quite advanced for its day, as at the time the game allowed the player to control a maximum number of 64,000 NPC's, all autonomous. Quite a feat for the early nineties. In the additional games, you could also be a Roman, Mayan, Trojan, or Viking, the fourth game in the series even allowing to pick of those four races. This series is a "strategy build-up series" and all titles have been updated to work properly on modern computers as well as Windows 10.

All in all there are seven games total, and time is short to catch up or refresh yourself on The Settlers in The Settlers History Collection before the next game! You heard me right, an eighth game currently just titled The Settlers, which could indicate it is a reboot of the series or it's simply a working title. The Settlers History Collection is currently available, and the new title will hit the shelves, so to speak, 21st August, 2019.



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Acelister - 06:25pm, 17th November 2018

I remember really liking the first The Settlers, and although the series went quiet the Xbox 360 had a game with a similar feel - A Kingdom for Keflings. Though I don't think I played Settlers 2-7, so I'm really tempted by this...