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The Settlers: New Allies To Launch On PC

Ubisoft has revealed that The Settlers: New Allies will launch on Windows PC next year. 

In this build-up real-time strategy game, players will settle onto new land, build their communities, meet new factions, and choose to welcome them as allies or enemies to protect and defend their new settlement. They can play The Settlers: New Allies in one of three game modes: single-player campaign, Hardcore Mode, and Skirmish.

The single-player campaign forces the Elari to flee their homeland, and they must settle on new and unknown territories. These new Settlers will have to face many challenges on their journey, from the raiding of ruthless bandits to the discovery of the new culture of these lands. The Hardcore mode will have players play new scenarios, and a wide range of modifiers and conditions will make the AI an even more challenging opponent. Players must be adaptable in this new mode as it will put the best settlers to the test, alone or with friends. Finally, in Skirmish mode, payers can experience Solo vs AI, co-op vs AI or PvP featuring up to eight players on the twelve maps available at launch.

Players can expect a fresh take on The Settlers series, built from the ground up using the Snowdrop Engine, when The Settlers: New Allies releases on the 17th of February, 2023. 

The game is also in development for consoles and Amazon Luna.

Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson

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