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The Surge Showcases Amazing Fights And Soundtrack In New Trailer

Deck13's upcoming action RPG The Surge revealed a new trailer today, and it shows a couple of amazing fights (and music) between a guy in power armour exoskeleton against a robot, another guy in a exoskeleton, and one much, much bigger robot. The trailer is CGI, but it features some amazing moments and an absolutely awesome soundtrack that aim to reflect the tone The Surge is going for.

The plot centers on the CREO, a megacorporation working to reverse the devastating effects of a climate change. It's facility is hit by a mysterious, catastrophic event, and the protagonist, Warren, blackouts due to this disaster. Upon waking up, he finds himself in a world where robots, insane augmented co-workers, and rogue AI all went haywired -- and of course, they want him dead. The trailer takes place after Warren's first day at the office, and he is now battling mechanical foes deeper within the CREO complex.

The game revolves around Warren's desperate fight to survive and features a in tight, visceral melee combat system, even allowing players to target and slice specific limbs off in battle. You can even equip the weapons or armour you dismember, since The Surge has a loot mechanic, like any good RPG out there.

The Surge is out on the 16th of May 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Marcello Perricone

Marcello Perricone

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