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The "Ubisoft Interactive Universe" Expands as the Prince of Persia Takes On 'For Honor'

The latest Ubisoft franchise crossover event merges For Honor with Prince of Persia. From now until the 2nd April, the multiplayer medieval combat battler will take on a Prince of Persia skin, complete with new game modes; new weapons and items; and overhauled 'arabian-themed' menus, music and visuals.

With a mysterious sandstorm sweeping across For Honor's land of Heathmoor, the Prince of Persia's titular Prince has arrived onto the scene, along with an army of sand creatures, to take the throne for himself; it's up to players to stop him.

This sets up the event's first new game mode: Ruler of Time, in which players must take on the Prince and his army of sand creatures on a variation of the 'Harbour Dominion' map to thwart his attempts for the throne. Armed with the Dagger of Time, however, the Prince is a formidable opponent who'll emerge from a sand tornado at random and ruthlessly hunt players down.

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The second game mode, set to launch on 19th March, is yet to be unveiled, although it's teased that the Prince's "evil roots" have something to do with it.

30 tiers of Prince of Persia items are also available to unlock as part of the free 'Event Pass'. These can be acquired by progressing through the Event Pass. Included in this are:

  • 'Battle' outfit
  • New effects
  • Emblem components
  • 26 new ornaments
  • Salvage, Steel and Crates
  • Much more...

26 new weapons and two new outfits (Ratash and Sandwraith) are also available to unlock by playing For Honor, not as part of the Event Pass.

For Honor launched over three years ago, in February 2017, to lacklustre public reception. Despite this, Ubisoft has continued supporting the game and fostered a modest but loyal community of For Honor players. The studio's refusal to give up on its games that don't initially succeed, as evidenced by Rainbow Six Siege, The Divison 2, For Honor and more, is worthy of respect and praise. This Prince of Persia cross-brand event is just the latest in Ubisoft's devotion to its franchises.

For Honor's Prince of Persia event will run from 12th March to 2nd April on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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