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THQ Nordic Opening New Studio to Work on Unannounced Strategy/RPG Title

THQ Nordic Opening New Studio to Work on Unannounced Strategy/RPG Title

At Embracer Group's Annual General Meeting on the 16th September, THQ Nordic announced the opening of two new studios. One of these, opening in the Czech Republic, is reportedly working on a currently unannounced "strategy/RPG" title. The report comes straight from the official Twitter account of Swedish gaming conglomerate Embracer Group, the company that owns THQ Nordic.

In response to a Twitter user, Embracer Group continues by stating that the studios are "only in the process of establishing" and the fruits of their labour will "take years" to see the light of day.

 The other new studio, Rainbow Studios Montréal (not to be confused with the original Rainbow Studios, formerly known as THQ Digital Studios Phoenix), has no projects of its own; it will instead be treated as a support studio, helping other THQ Nordic development teams with asset creation.

Interestingly, the original Rainbow Studios, founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1986, boasts quite the storied history. Since 1994, the company has developed 20+ racing titles spanning franchises like MX vs. ATV, Pixar's Cars and Star Wars. Such a reputation from the original studio suggests that Rainbow Studios Montréal could supporting the development of another Rainbow Studios racing game following 2019's Monster Jam Steel Titans

None of this Rainbow Studios speculation is confirmed, however. We'll have to wait for further information from THQ Nordic itself to know anything for certain. Still, get excited Monster Jam fans: a sequel could be on the way!

Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

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