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Timberman: The Big Adventure Receives a New Platforms Launch Trailer

The Timberman universe has gotten slightly bigger from its arcade, two-button roots and embarking into a new 2D retro adventure with the release of Timberman: The Big Adventure. Developed by Digital Melody and Storm Trident and published by Forever Entertainment, this new title gives you the capability to take control of the titular protagonist and even be accompanied by Mr. Bear in two-player co-op!

The new trailer shows off everything you need to know about the title to pick it up! It features some gameplay elements your quintessential boomerang-like axe to take down enemies (or an actual boomerang if you play Mr. Bear) as you set out to protect the forest from an evil corporation.

Timberman The Big Adventure Official New Platforms Launch Trailer Steam Xbox GOG PlayStation Nintendo Switch

This is an expansion of the Timberman franchise that we didn't know we needed. Previously, we've closely followed both the original Timberman and Timberman VS. and written reviews about them — if you enjoyed either of those two and want to get to know the protagonist a bit more, you'll want to delve into this 16-bit pixel adventure with collectibles, bosses, and even paths you can open by cutting down a tree.

And, of course, you can even play Timberman within Timberman: The Big Adventure, because who wouldn't want to play Timberman in Timberman: The Big Adventure as he plays the original Timberman? You can also use your trusty axe to solve mini-puzzles, create new paths, and more — you don't need much more than a big heart and an axe to be a hero. 

Bring a friend along in two-player co-op and save the forest from industrialisation and take down the evil corporation aptly named Evil Corp (who knew large companies could be so self-aware?) in this short experience. Timberman: The Big Adventure, available now for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and GOG! You can also play it on mobile through Google Play.

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