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Tis the Season in We Were Here Forever!

Tis the Season in We Were Here Forever!

Whether you enjoy the holidays with family and/or friends, or you'd rather get away from it as fast as possible, the call of adventure can be hard to ignore. In We Were Here Together, you and a friend (or even a stranger from the depths of the internet!) take on the mysteries of Castle Rock, working together to find answers and solve puzzles.  To add to this already enjoyable setting, developer Total Mayhem Games has added a festive flair to your Basecamp!


For a limited time (up until 7th January), the Basecamp will be turned into a wintry wonderland complete with lights, decorations, and mystery! Can you and your partner solve the festive puzzle for an 'enlightening reward'?

As an extra present this year, the sequel, We Were Here Forever,
has been updated with a huge patch, and to top it all off, it will be on a 45% discount once the Steam Sales hit! So what are you waiting for? Put on that warm coat and get solving!

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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