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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint New Game Mode

Immersive mode, a hardcore experience for more tactical users, is set to release on 24th March. Most players expected a February release date when the news was announced back in November.

This new mode for the game will add a hardcore PVE (player-versus-environment) campaign. This campaign will put more spotlight on the ability and survival of players, instead of the typical gear score. Fans of Ghost Recon Breakpoint have requested that the gear score be removed. Currently, in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, acquiring gear comes from crafting, milestones, rewards, world crates or the in-game store.

Immersive mode will challenge players in many different ways. Adjusting the health regeneration and stamina. Realistic looting in mission, by looting enemy weapons. Carrying only one primary weapon. Ammo loss when changing a magazine. And how many bandages a player can carry, as well as increase the likelihood of wounds. The last thing is the quality of life change. This means that players will only see their own party members, as well as NPCs in Erewhon to reinforce the feeling of being behind enemy lines and outnumbered. The settings are adjusted by the players. Players will also be able to play with other players who are in the default mode.

There is still no word on the AI teammates.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



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Bill - 02:45pm, 25th March 2020

How the hell do I get out of immersion and play regular...this sucks

Acelister - 02:48pm, 25th March 2020

It's in the Settings, should be the first thing you see.