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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Release Patch 8

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Release Patch 8

If you have been keeping up with the latest battle royale title to hit Steam, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, then you will be glad to hear of the latest patches. 

Patch 8.0 dropped recently, bringing with it plenty of exciting new additions and changes but has quickly been followed by version 8.1 and 8.2 which included hotfixes along with the standard changes. 

The main focus within these updates are increasing the speed of the rounds with the additional of vehicles as well. A number of new weapons are also now in the title, so keep an eye out of those as well.

You can find the full patch notes for all three of the current patch 8.0 updates below. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is available now for PC. 

Patch Notes - 8.0


  • Added vehicle: Bike
  • Added vehicle: Motorcycle
  • Added vehicle: Motorcycle with sidecars
  • Added weapon: Rainmaker
  • Added weapon: Two Shot
  • Added weapon: Inflatable hammer
  • Added weapon: Fish
  • Added weapon: Smoke rocket launcher
  • Added weapon: Taser minigun
  • Added weapon: Sniper shotgun
  • Added weapon: Winchester shotgun
  • Added: III
  • Added a tall castle
  • Added an outpost near mountain town


  • Shields now actually protect you from bullet. Both on your back and in you hand
  • Bullets now make a metal sound when hitting shields
  • Fixed issue where downed players would not get downed on some clients
  • Fixed issue where a teammate sometimes would not be revivable
  • Grenades no longer show the message "You downed yourself"
  • The final ring will no longer trap you while closing (Probably)
  • Made players skydiving super smooth
  • Added extrapolation that should help smooth out lagging players
  • You will now be thrown off if you attempt to stand on the wall. (Inwards)
  • Fixed issue where winchester was one handed
  • Fixed invisible walls next to industry
  • Most likely fixed dying when entering cars (again)


  • Double barrel shotgun has been made one handed
  • Double barrel shotgun now fires 8 pellets instead of 10
  • Single fire Crossbow arrow speed increased
  • The first ring is now visible as soon as you start flying on the trucks
  • The ring speeds have been tweaked to make the game a bit faster and promote more action.
  • The final ring is now a mix between the moving walls and the lava arena.
  • Helicopter has been given more mobility.
  • Removed a collider that usually made the helicopters tail get stuck
  • Doubled cage time of cage grenade
  • Reduced knocked down time when landing
  • Slightly increased saturation
  • Changed color of musket ammo to further distinguish it from shotgun ammo
  • Increased the amount of loot in low tier houses


  • Removed lots of small objects that were heavily impacting performance without adding to the gameplay.
  • Testing out GPU instancing for world objects
  • Optimized the player character

Patch Notes - 8.1

  • Fixed issue where characters could not propery leave vehicles and would get stretched out
  • Fixed issue that was causing motion blur
  • Made the rings a bit slower

Patch Notes - 8.2


  • Made the first ring (Not the one that is already moving when you start, the one after that) start quite a bit later.
  • Added a bunch of bike and motorcycle spawns to smaller compounds
  • Fixed a bunch of audio bugs ("shoot! shoot!")
  • Lowered volume of Tripoloski
  • Added the names of the two new areas to the map interface
  • Fixed issue where the Two Shot would bug out if you put scopes on it.
  • Hopefully fixes issue that was causing blurry visuals after the first wall is placed
  • Limited amount of parrots that can be thrown per second
  • Made it impossible for hackers to spawn parrots on other players.


  • Optimized inactive cars
  • Dead players are now removed after 10 seconds
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