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Trailer Inbound! Two New Expansions Coming For The Deep Rock Galactic Board Game

Deep Rock Galactic, the co-op shooter filled with mines, dwarves, rock, and stone, successfully kickstarted a board game rendition of the hazardous caverns and covetous treasures to be found within back in the space year 2022. Due to limitations in manufacturing, the original vision had to be cut down in order to get everything to fit into the, quote, "biggest box [we] could find". MOOD Publishing has set its sights on fixing this error with their newest Kickstarter which aims to add two huge expansions to the base game: The Space Rig and The Biome.

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The Space Rig expansion aims to add the iconic hub area to the game, adding a layer of both mechanics and deeper emphasis on upgrading both arms and armour. The expansion also introduces both assignments and side-objectives, adding variety to the current missions while enabling players to take on a 4-mission mini-campaign! Nine new Mutation mission modifiers and two new mission types have been added. Most importantly, the expansion adds beer.

The Biomes expansion aims to add the varied environments players are used to seeing in the videogame proper. With the expansions, four new biomes (Magma Core, Glacial Strata, Fungus Bogs, and Azure Weald) are added with custom-printed tiles and lovely unique dangers! Get caught in lava, freeze solid, or inhale poison in the bog, there are always new and interesting ways to die for the DRP crew. Additionally, six new creatures have been added to make every mission memorable. The mighty Dreadnaught also makes a return as a boss character with the biggest miniature yet!

The two expansions are coming to Kickstarter in the near future, so keep an eye out!

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Martin Heath

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