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Turmoil Now Available on the iPad

Gamious have announced that Turmoil, its tongue-in-cheek oil-drilling game, is now also available for iPad. It is a simulation game set during the 19th century oil rush in North America, and it was previously only available for PC and Mac users. However, the game will now also be available for everyone with an iPad at £5.99, $5.99 and €5.99. 

"Turmoil offers a rich single player campaign featuring dozens of upgrades and new technology to improve mining operations, as well as colourful characters that bring the game’s world to life with their welcoming and helpful chit-chat. The game also features Game Center Achievements."

Nathan Hunter

Nathan Hunter

Staff writer

A man who’s in a long-term relationship with Liverpool FC. Gaming, music and his love of the weather follow narrowly behind.

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