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Twenty Years on, Tengoku Comes to Steam and PS4

Twenty Years on, Tengoku Comes to Steam and PS4

After two decades, classic Sega Saturn schmup Game Tengoku is getting a release on another platform. The game, which was the work of Japanese studio Jeleco, was released in 1997 on Sega's ill-fated penultimate console, but in 2017 the title will be coming to the PC via Steam.

Game Tengoku is a vertically scrolling shooter featuring characters and levels based on Jaleco's other games, and various Japanese arcade cultural icons from the '90s

The Steam and PlayStation 4 release will feature a port of the original with additional gameplay elements and new characters. The characters travel though fictional games of a Japanese arcade to save it from the menace of Genius Yamada, the game's antagonist.



Gary "Dombalurina" Sheppard

Staff Writer

Gary maintains his belief that the Amstrad CPC is the greatest system ever and patiently awaits the sequel to "Rockstar ate my Hamster"

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