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Two Point Hospital Gets New Winter Patient!

Really there wasn't a better way to do that, now was there. Winter has arrived to the folks of Two Point Hospital and not only do they get a new visitor, but a new region as well! Considering this game has only been out since August of this year, it's nice to see some seasonal DLC to fit the mood of the time of year.

The new region is the lovely Pointy Mountains, a lovely frosty area, is available as of today, 5th of December. As it turns out, Two Point Hospital gets its name from this mountain range, and it's bringing so much more to the game than just itself. Look forward to new illnesses, challenges, features, and hospitals! Now scrub up and go cure that Yeti, you can do it!

Two Points Hospital is available on Steam.



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Platinum - 01:54pm, 7th December 2018

Defo need to grab this in the sales