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Ubisoft Reveals Post Launch Plans For The Crew 2

Prior to the upcoming release of the Crew 2 on June 29, Ubisoft has revealed their plans for post launch content which will release throughout the year following the game's release.

This content will involve multiple free updates that will release every three months throughout the year following the game's debut, and will feature new disciplines, and modes that will continue to expand on the Crew 2's world.

The game's first update, which is slated to release in September 2018 will be titled Gator Rush and will focus on a more tropical location as well as introducing the Hovercraft discipline alongside 5 brand new vehicles. 

Meanwhile, Ubisoft also revealed the Crew 2 season pass which will allow  grant users access to, one exclusive house location, seven days early access to the monthly added vehicles, a VIP discount on the game's store, and two exclusive outfits. 

The Crew 2 is slated to debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on June 29. 



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