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UK Government Petition To "Stop Killing Games" Ending Early

UK Government Petition To "Stop Killing Games" Ending Early

Just over a month after it launched, it has been announced that the petition to stop publishers from leaving games in an unplayable state after being on sale, AKA "Killing Games", will end early.

There will be a General Election on Thursday 4 July. This means that Parliament has to be dissolved and that all parliamentary business – including petitions – will stop.

The petition to date has received almost 27,000 signatures, and had it reached 100,000 signatures it would have been debated by parliament. After receivieng 10,000 signatures there was a response (which can be read in full here), but shortly afterwards The Petitions Committee issued a response to that, saying that it needed readdressing.

The Petitions Committee (the group of MPs who oversee the petitions system) has considered the Government’s response to this petition. They felt the response did not respond directly to the request of the petition. They have therefore asked the Government to provide a revised response.

However, this revision is now in doubt as the petition, and all government petitions, will be ending on 30th May 2024 due to Prime Minister Sunak announcing a General Election. It is also unclear whether the next government will decide to address any petitions which had reached the required thresholds:

The current Petitions Committee, the group of MPs who decide whether petitions are debated, won’t exist after 30 May. This means that if the petition has over 100,000 signatures, it can’t be scheduled for debate during this Parliament. After the election, a new Petitions Committee will be responsible for deciding which petitions are debated.

Of course, this only affects the Stop Killing Games movement in the United Kingdom, for other countries and regions please check https://www.stopkillinggames.com/

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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