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Undertale Update Seems to Include Secret Content

Undertale Update Seems to Include Secret Content

The latest Undertale update may include more than it lets on as keen-eyed members of the game's subreddit community have determined. Undertale creator Toby Fox said before the update rolled that that it would contain "anything other than bugfixes" making many believe it to be the case.

Bear in mind that the information about to be revealed will be a spoiler to anyone who hasn't progressed far enough in the game.

The new content which has been datamined, includes new dialogue and a change audiofile which adds pseudo-mythical character Gaster to the game. Up until now the character was only mentioned by particular in-game characters and even now the chances of meeting him are incredibly slim.

Still it's a neat little inclusion which adds more mystery to the game.

Reece Armstrong

Reece Armstrong

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